Materials list paint mojo ecourse

Things to start collecting for your Paint Mojo Journey!

Please note that this Ecourse will be very much about spontaneity and exploration. I care very little about brands and brushes and I am just as likely to use my fingers or a twig as I am a brush. I am a distracted artist, delighting in curiosity and wonder and more carried away by creative possibilities than washing brushes so I buy the cheapest firmest brushes I can. I am infinitely more concerned with expressive, intuitive mark making than precise brush marks.

Having said that, please include one fine detail brush, a small flat brush, a wide flat brush, maybe an inch wide, and a few foam brushes in your collection.

Other mark making tools such as bamboo skewers, twigs, seedpods, stamps and stencils will be great!

Fluid acrylics and heavy bodied acrylics. I use Golden Fluids but depending where in the world you are you may find another brand you love. Heavy bodied student acrylics will suffice so stock up on a few colors you love plus white!

In our first week we will be using a product called Scratch Foam board. The link below is where you can find this product on Dick Blick. It is an inexpensive product which comes in packages of multiple sheets. We will only be working on a few sheets with different tutorials but I am sure you will love it enough to use the extras!

If, for any reason, you are unable to access the scratch foam board (having ambiguous nightmares of sold out product due to the amount of students keen to find their mojo!) I often use foam trays from the bottom of supermarket pizzas, fruit or well washed meat trays. I am all about being resourceful and recycling!

We will be collaging in some tutorials so will need some kind of gel medium for that, brand not important.

My absolute favorite product of the moment is Daler Rowney F&W acrylic artists ink. They are available through Dick Blicks here;

At less than $4.00 for a small bottle with dripper I am currently using them to paint my Deep Rhapsody series almost exclusively. The pigment is intense and beautiful and I highly recommend beginning a collection. My fave colours; marine blue, indigo blue, flame orange, antelope brown, paynes grey, olive green, turquoise, red earth AND WHITE is a must have!!

A small tub of gesso

A cheap set of bright oil pastels

A few watercolor pencils in darker tones, deep blues, purples, browns

A small spray bottle for water

White blackboard chalk

Some builders caulking (time for a visit to the hardware store!) or modeling paste but the builders caulking (No more gaps in Australia) is much more economical!

A few interesting books (picture and text) from the op shop/thrift store for collage elements.

Any sketch book (to practice and record ideas);  You could even use hardcover books from the thrift store and then gesso the pages to sketch on if you like

White, black gel pen, thin black felt marker, black stabilo pencil

A soft brayer~ I use this one 🙂

One or two large canvases. In the canvas immersion video’s I will be working on a 30×30″ (76x76cm)

A variety of watercolour or mixed media papers and odd bits and pieces you have lying around. In each video I will encourage you to go outside the box. I experiment with different surfaces myself, share my bloopers and mistakes (which often lead to new epiphanies!) and generally try to stimulate new ways of thinking rather than everyone working on the exact same surface in the exact same way 🙂

I’m totally excited to invite you into my messy but fun ART world and my MISSION is to IGNITE your creative power!