Paint Mojo – the ecourse

That creative spark. That flame of desire.
That arrow of intention to shoot things out into the world that are beauty-full, not always pretty, but real and true and YOU.

You want to watch the paint flow with ease, get whats in your head to match what comes out on your canvas, paper, page, be so filled with ideas and inspiration that you never get stuck!

Paint Mojo the E-Course is now available as a self-paced and fully downloadable class!!

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Access will be given immediately after registration is complete and payment processed.  There is a wonderful FB community for all Paint Mojo E-Course students and Tracy pops in every now and then to say ‘hi!’.

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“I wanted to find out if I could paint from my heart/my head, rather than paint what I physically see around me. This class is so chock full of different ideas that actually help to pull creativity out of your bones! Tracy is a loving, generous, kind and wise soul. She teaches and lives out of her heart, and is willing to share whatever she can to help a fellow ‘creative’ play with no judgement of ability or talent. Art is a very powerful source of expression, and Tracy had a unique ability to make me feel secure enough to be vulnerable while exploring the things I want to express artistically”  

Dawn Lang Weiland

I know you have all been curious about content so I wanted to share some snippets with you. We’ll be looking at  “inky explorations”, “palettes of possibility” “pathways to abstraction” and along with many other exciting techniques and processes!

We’ll also be exploring ways to cultivate your own unique style, embrace happy accidents and say YES to a looser, happier, more creative YOU!

I KNOW that many of you are all ready to venture fearlessly (or anxiously) outside of your comfort zones. You may have already attended an in person workshop or read my book or follow my blog and I’m pretty sure I get that message across in each.

I know you are up for that kind of creative growth and that makes me uber excited!

This will NOT be a class about step by step instructions, about painting a painting like me or even about specific techniques (although I will share lots of those).


“Potential students – you will so enjoy this course! Be prepared to eat, sleep, drink & think Paint Mojo! Tracy provides so many projects and so much insight into her painting style!” Lynn Cummings 

*Student works from previous Paint Mojo the e-course releases.


This WILL be a class about finding your voice, your style, your confidence. About exploring creative process and possibilities and finding new things, epiphanies from mistakes, happy accidents, making new connections and being open to new dreams.

Maybe you’ll find a portrait from your palette or an elephant in your inky explorations, or maybe you’ll find something you never even dreamed of.

I WILL challenge you to shift perspectives and the way I will be doing that is by inviting you into my own process as I do the same.

There will be two very different video deliveries each week.

One, a professionally filmed HD video that follows the progress of one of my large format paintings. This will be very much like attending a live two day workshop with me and I will talk you through the moves I make, the symbols I use, the colours I choose, the problems I encounter and how I solve them.

My intention is for you to paint a large painting alongside me and from the pics below from two of my in person workshops you can see that there will be many variations that will come from this process.

The OTHER weekly videos will be more intimate, less polished, just me (and you, and maybe a kitty or two) in my studio with my camcorder exploring ideas to share with you.

Here’s the thing…

I LOVE to be in the same heart/mind space as my students. My workshops are never rehearsed or planned to the last detail. I am ALWAYS open to heading off in brand new directions and these videos will show that.

Although in each one I do start off with a general idea of the project that will go with the weekly theme I have not rehearsed or tested the project beforehand in any case.

This is so EXCITING as you will be right there with me as I make a new discovery OR change direction OR create a little side project from my leftover paint that will reappear in a later week. You will be right there as I make a mistake or LOVE what I am doing or decide I DON’T like what I am doing, or get a bit frustrated or stick my brush in my coffee.

” You have such fresh ideas, content, and a great organized, yet spontaneous, teaching style. Truly an incredible class by which all others will be compared.” Sheila

In essence you will be there with me in my slightly messy, definitely not “styled” creative space and together we will move forward and get stuck and make messes and beauty all at the same time.

Along with the videos there will be PDF’s and prompts , explanations and inspirations, lots and lots……..

Are you READY to let go of any preconceived notions and TRUST?

To find your mojo and make your mark?

During the course you will be invited to be part of an engaging, warm, encouraging community of like minded creatives on FB.

You can also post your pics to Instagram using the hashtag #paintmojoecourse

Materials List can be found here.

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Paint Mojo~the ecourse and all its contents will be available forever!


You can sign up for a payment plan option here.

Hope to see you in class!
Tracy xo

Ps. Here’s what a few of my beautiful students have said about their experience of Paint Mojo, the e-course. 


“ Wanted to let you know, Tracy, how grateful I am that you have given us a structured framework from where to start creating. I am all for spontaneity and intuition yet always felt that it’s not the whole story and never knew where to begin. Your focus on the accumulation of personal symbols from our closest surroundings and their collection as thumbnails of inspiration is becoming such a treasured resource for me. Moreover, the canvas immersion sessions, exposed to us as a gradual process of growth, make room for flow and play yet within a set of flexible “rules”. These have certainly relieved me of the anxiety when facing the void of the blank canvas and teaching me where to begin. Thank-you” ~Anat


” This course has been having a wonderfully positive impact on my life. These last weeks have been opening, healing and an adventure. You have opened a window on a new healing tool for me. Painting is becoming one of the most sensuous activities I have ever done.   I thank you in the deepest heart felt way ” . ~Kendra 

” I have and am thoroughly enjoying the Paint Mojo Ecourse. It exceeded expectation in every possible way. It opened my eyes to new ways to approach painting. You have offered so many different exercises to get the creative juices flowing, inspiring us and encouraging us to branch out and adventure into new unexplored territory. The lessons, sharing of info and experiences were fabulous. The camaraderie in the Paint Mojo group was an unexpected bonus. All in all it was worth every penny and more. More importantly I was amazed by the beautiful people you seem to attract, especially those in this group, not everyone would understand, but I am pretty sure we all feel that you have given us a gift above and beyond all the beautiful teachings and lessons. You have a beautiful spirit. So happy to have “met” you and am very grateful for you shining on and sharing your unique gift with us all” Sarah